Socially Conscious Events
for Everyone.

Participate in small, meaningful ways that make a big impact.

What's on Kinvite?

Brave Spaces

Showing up, being real, and exploring something new is eneded now more than ever. We share opportunities that welcome brave dialogue and diversity

Grassroots Initiatives

Events that spark inspiration to participate in the world in new, meaningful ways. We encourage you to start your own, or use our app to discover new things near you.

Human Values

Conscious community building starts with shared values. Consent and mutual respect are foundational. We believe in like hearts and diverse minds. Read More>>

We Keep Social Good Social

Our Mission

Change the way the world spends their time by connecting people to new oppoortunities to participate in small, meaningful ways that make a big impact.


Find new events each week that elevate you and your comunity. Events we share are in pursuit of a happy, meaningful, service and passion oriented life.

Share & Create

Kinvite is co-created. We rely on you to share events and invite others to participate.